High development competence: Plastic springs with significant weight advantage

High development competence:
Plastic springs with significant weight advantage

Frauenthal Automotive is developing a plastic spring:Due to Euro 6 regulations, lower weight springs are needed. The significantly lighter plastic spring offers an alternative to the steel spring. Testing will soon begin.

Currently, Frauenthal Automotive produces springs made of steel. The new generation offers the same performance as steel springs, but it does so with an enormous advantage: Its weight has been reduced by half. In order to achieve these results, a part of the raw material steel is replaced by admixtures of lighter materials. "As a result of this innovative achievement, we are able to support our major truck customers when it comes to helping them achieve their ambitious weight reduction goals. At the same time, we are securing ourselves a competitive advantage over our competitors", explains Matias Mosesson, CSO/CTO Frauenthal Automotive. In the future, the market will most likely split into traditional steel and composite technology.

Plastic spring prototype in test phase
Following intense research efforts in cooperation with external partners, the first prototype of the Frauenthal Automotive plastic spring is now available. After thorough testing in the material research lab in the Centre of Competence for leaf springs at the French production facility Ch√Ętenois, a real-life-test in a customer truck is planned for October. At the same time, several customers are interested in Frauenthal Automotive's development know-how, which has now been extended to include plastic springs as a next-generation product.