Picture: employees in the material research laboratory

The development of technology leadership:
Material research laboratory opens in Châtenois

Frauenthal Automotive opened the new, ultra-modern material research laboratory in March 2013.  It is located in the Centre of Competence for flat springs in the French production site, Châtenois. With it, the company is consistently building its development capacity and reinforcing its technology leadership.


In the future, European industry will only be able to stand up to global competition through innovation in products and services.  The ever increasing quality and safety demands, as well as new requirements from the emissions standard Euro 6, represent a big opportunity for Frauenthal Automotive to score in the commercial vehicle industry, with its power for innovation and highly qualified employees. Matias Mosesson, CSO and CTO at Frauenthal Automotive, emphasises: “Investment in the new material research laboratory and improved testing equipment prove that Frauenthal Automotive is a competent development partner for clients and that we are in a position to press ahead.  We create new products and improve quality using the latest research and development.”


Focus on components with higher performance

The industry leading material research laboratory brings Frauenthal Automotive closer to its goal to advance steel spring performance through analyses and improvement of the steel, as well as of testing methods. In order to develop and create future products, optimal interaction is required between material properties, design and production methods. As well as the development of new components, the material research laboratory supports all Frauenthal Automotive sites where the quality of existing components is concerned with extensive material analyses.