Strengthening management capacities

Strengthening management capacities: Internal development programme for managers

From 14 to 16 January 2014, the Czech operation of Frauenthal Automotive in Hustopeče hosted the international development programme for Frauenthal Group managers.

"When it comes to mastering future challenges in a professional manner, highly qualified managers are a crucial success factor. We strive to nurture and strengthen our management capacities at Frauenthal Group on an ongoing basis", says Bernd Allmer, head of Human Resources at Frauenthal Group, setting a clear direction. The FLLP, an 18-month development programme for the Group's own managers (Frauenthal Leadership & Learning Program), plays a crucial role in these efforts. It promotes Frauenthal Group managers and supports them in their endeavour to develop their full potential. This multi-stage training, which is held in English, takes participants through various practice-based modules, including leadership, business management, strategic and crisis management, solution-oriented communication and project management.

International, demanding and practice-based
Now in its fourth edition, the FLLP is scheduled to run until March 2015 and brings together 13 selected managers from across the entire Frauenthal Group. They come from eight different European countries and completed the second of a total of six modules from 14 to 16 January. This module's motto was: "Solution-oriented communication“. One of the main intentions of FLLP is to afford participants valuable insights into the different business segments of Frauenthal Group. For this reason, the programme includes a visit to the air tank manufacturing plant in Hustopeče.

Image: FLLP participants in Hustopeče