We make sure the best of the best are rewarded. At Frauenthal Automotive, both the managers and the employees of every single production site are presented awards. The Leadership Award and the Employeeship Award are awarded alternately every two years. Award recipients are role models; they show colleagues the path to take and serve as an example in their efforts to abide by the values of Frauenthal Automotive in their actions and decisions.


Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is awarded to the best manager in every plant. All employees get to vote for a manager. The winners are role models in how they implement our leadership principles. This award demonstrates that managers are doing it right and that they serve as a motivation for employees.


Employeeship Award

For the Employeeship Award, all the employees get to vote for the employees in their plant who they believe most faithfully adhere to the Frauenthal Automotive values in their work and action. The intention is to raise awareness further for the corporate values in day-to-day working life: respect for each and everyone, creation of added value for customers, pulling together under a common vision and motivation to improve.