Motivation, continuing education and strength of purpose is what our managers and employees need as this is what warrants the success of our company. In order to develop our employees in a more targeted manner, we at Frauenthal Automotive offer bespoke training programmes, an array of training courses, multi-site projects and individualised continuing education. The interviews, which we conduct with all employees, play an essential role in the process. They serve as a platform for the definition of development goals and for giving feedback.



The FLLP Frauenthal Leadership and Learning Program is the Group's own 18-month development programme for managers. This multi-stage training, which is held in English, takes participants through various modules, including leadership, business management, strategic and crisis management, solution-oriented communication, project management and lots more. Once the training has been completed, graduates are able to use the practical knowledge they have acquired to perform their day-to-day management responsibilities.



We are continuously on the lookout for best talents who have leadership potential and the initiative to steer change in a positive direction. We usually fill positions with internal staff in order to promote personal growth and responsibility. The one-year high-potential programme consists of seven modules and is held in English. Participants come from all divisions of the Frauenthal Group. The subject matters covered in the programme include lateral leadership, self-management, communication or project management. They are meant to be directly applicable in practice and prepare participants for prospective positions with leadership responsibilities. A key component of the programme is the strategy-related project that is developed as a group in close cooperation with the management and presented to the Executive Board. 




The MOVE programme (More Opportunities Via Exchange) is an exchange programme that provides employees with initiative an opportunity to work in other countries. In line with the motto "personal development does not end at a country's borders", participants become acquainted with other Group sites, both in their country and abroad, in the course of project-based activities. The MOVE programme runs for three to six months and is intended for all employees - from production staff to the middle management.



At Frauenthal Automotive, development does not end with middle management. All employees should have the option of expanding their knowledge and horizon. Production workers play a crucial role in the production process, ensuring that our products can be delivered at the right time in the right quality. For this reason, we offer this target group a one-year programme in their respective mother tongue. The main themes are leadership and team management, communication and practical project work in groups. The programme also includes: a visit to a sister plant in order to learn from one another and share the knowledge acquired at one's own site. 



As our company has operations in seven different European countries, we have adopted English as our corporate language. Based on international guidelines, we have defined what level of proficiency must be achieved for each individual position in order to warrant smooth communication with customers, suppliers and amongst ourselves in the Group. English classes are offered at each of the company's locations.