Air tanks

We develop space-saving and customised air tanks.

We develop the solution our customers need

Whatever size or configuration our customers need, our team of engineers provide the experience and technical know-how to create the steel or aluminium air tanks specified. Our customized, space-saving solutions include:

  • Ready For Assembly modules with integrated brackets
  • Head-fixed mounting systems
  • Non-standard geometries
  • Multi-chamber air tank systems

The engineering processes at all our production sites are continually being developed and improved to strengthen our position as leader in the industry. Our dedication to quality has resulted in innovative products, proprietary process patents and unique products already reaching serial production. Our success is confirmed by more than 2 million air tanks delivered every year.

The benefits of our air tanks at a glance

  • Complete line of Air Tank Solutions
    We supply innovative air tanks in steel and aluminium with 0.1 to 120 litre capacity.
  • Customised Solutions
    Our made-to-specification parts create added value.
  • Durability
    Inside and out, our steel air tanks are coated with the highest-quality anticorrosion protection available.
  • Innovative Parts  - Intelligent Automation
    Ready for assembly components deliver cost-effectiveness by reducing assembly time in the production lines our customers.
  • Market Leader
    We lead the European market in the development and production of air tanks for truck, buses and trailers.



Product data sheets

More detailed information on our compressed air tanks can be found here in our product data sheets

manufacturing program overview of steel air pressure vessel

Operating instructions and sfaety information

Operating instructions and safety information for our airtanks can be downloaded in the following languages: