In the Frauenthal Automotive family, all our actions and decisions are based on our four core values. Our corporate values describe how we, as the Frauenthal Automotive family, interact with one another and with our partners. For us as an international group with representations in nine European countries, a consistent corporate culture is critical for our success.


Our Corporate Values


"Treat others as you would have them treat you." 

We respect ourselves, our colleagues, customers, suppliers, family and friends, all cultures and different needs. We are open-minded and honest. We respect opinions, even if we do not share them. We learn from one another.


"Customers come first and their satisfaction is our highest priority."

We seek to understand the needs and concerns of our customers, to offer them innovative solutions. We are proactive in our approach and satisfy the requirements of every step in the development and production process to the highest standard.


"One for all and all for one." 

No one is strong on their own. We are a team that pulls in the same direction. Together we can make the impossible possible. We learn from one another, share ideas, work in teams, have fun at work and are interested in people.


"Nothing is ever so good that it cannot be improved." 

No one is strong on their own. Everyone of us is an expert in their field and we ask ourselves daily how we can do things better than we did the day before. We work in teams, contribute ideas and try our hand at new things even if we make mistakes. We want to work innovative, not harder!