As a premium supplier and development partner, we constantly work on innovations and improvements that generate added value for our customers, enabling us to extend our market and technological leadership.

Frauenthal Automotive’s innovation strategy is aimed at enhancing product and process performance, adding new, high-performance components to our product range, and matching our service portfolio as closely as possible with customer needs.


 In-depth development partnerships keep us a step ahead
 The Frauenthal Automotive Division’s development expertise stems from technological know-how accumulated over a long period, and from in-house R&D facilities, highly skilled staff and close links with the production plants.  Intensive and highly effective development partnerships with customers and close technical cooperation with suppliers have also played a key role in our strong innovation track record.


 Simplification – a guiding principle

When it comes to product innovations, our focus is on simplification. We aim to streamline our solutions in order to reduce total costs, as well as making it easier for customers to install or continue using certain components. In order to create more efficient parts, we work to improve material properties, develop new product designs and optimise production processes.

In our commercial vehicle operations, the focus is on lower weight and space requirements and longer service lives. We concentrate on:

  • Weight reduction
    Frauenthal Automotive follows a clearly defined cycle: lower weight – reduction in materials used – reduced environmental impact – increased cargo capacity – lower fuel consumption – lower total cost – enhanced profitability 
  • Cutting space requirements in the chassis

With a view to developing higher-performing components, our efforts are directed towards improving the material properties, creating new product designs and optimising production processes.


 Successes across the board
 The Division’s day-to-day development work has resulted in series production of many parts and the registration of numerous patents.  Our successes in terms of weight reduction include dual chamber air tanks and plastic air reservoirs. The Headfix solution for air reservoirs was a result of our focus on simplification. This innovative head mounting product uses a completely new design, removing the need for an additional holding assembly.


 Added value through innovative services
 On the service front, we are working to develop groundbreaking solutions, including the use of information technology to deliver increased customer benefits. We have also introduced new logistics concepts such as the pull flow system and taken steps to ensure quick, error-free handling and improved transparency.


Our customers are the focal point of all our activities. To create added value for them, we act as a strategic partner, working with everyone involved in a project. We develop high-quality raw materials in collaboration with our suppliers, promote effective communication between our key account managers, product developers and production teams, and work closely with our customers’ technical departments.

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