Our employees are our greatest success factor. They allow us to master future challenges as professionals. As our top priority, we focus on the ongoing development of each and every member in the Frauenthal Automotive family and their core skills. A variety of activities - such as the Leadership Programme, the promotion of high potentials, job rotation and development opportunities for foremen - ensure that we actually achieve the ambitious goals we set ourselves.


Preferred employer

We seek to be a preferred employer – this is one of our strategic goals. In order to become such a preferred employer we rely not only on employee development but also on an open and honest communication culture that involves an ongoing exchange and employee satisfaction surveys. Our aim is to improve in all HR dimensions.


With a focus on development

Our motto is "We demand and encourage performance amongst our employees". We endeavour to create an environment where employees are able to develop their strengths, a place where they can both give and take. In so doing, we go by the "learning from one another" approach: we learn from colleagues, from other departments, but also within the Group through cooperation projects that reach across various departments and the entire Group or on multidisciplinary project teams. In addition, we rely on the creativity and experience of each and everyone. All this serves as the groundwork for innovation and continuous improvement. We are only able to achieve the ambitious goals we set ourselves with the support of the right employees in the right positions.


Working together to be more successful

At Frauenthal Automotive, the involvement of employees and the development of plans and their implementation are established practice. Numerous success stories, such as the our innovation and continuous improvement culture are inspiring testimony to the fact that we are on the right track.

In order to foster an open and honest communication culture, managers undergo special training. We are guided by our leadership principles, which also form the basis for our innovative corporate climate:

  • We build trust and give feedback.
  • We develop people.
  • We develop and implement a clear strategy.
  • We work as a team in our division and cooperate with the other divisions of our Group.

Moreover, we attach great importance to high satisfaction rates and loyalty amongst our employees. Employee surveys are carried out on a regular basis to ensure this. On the basis of the outcome, we deploy targeted improvement measures.