We are looking for attractive investment opportunities.

Our parent company, Frauenthal Holding AG, has set out to strengthen the group with attractive acquisitions, enlarging it in the process.

Frauenthal Holding is an industrial holding geared towards long-term value creation. In keeping with the slogan "strength through diversity", the focus is on attractive investment opportunities that sustainably strengthen the Group and optimise shareholder value. The shareholdings are retained over long periods and developed.


Enduring competitive edge

Frauenthal Automotive is keen on extending its portfolio through add-on acquisitions suited to strengthen our market leadership as premium supplier and development partner to the European commercial vehicle industry and generate customer benefit. In its efforts, the company seeks to extend the product portfolio and enhance the depth of value added. Frauenthal Automotive is interested in companies and company holdings that fit in with us strategically, have a successful business model as well as a high synergy potential and an attractive purchase price. What is decisive is that the acquisition provides Frauenthal Automotive with a lasting competitive edge and we are able to bring our strengths into play.


Strengthening our leading market position

Generally, the aim of Frauenthal Holding AG is to acquire the controlling majority and take over industrial leadership. Therefore, in the search for potential targets, the primary focus is on:

  • split off niche segments from large corporations;
  • succession arrangements in the case of family businesses;
  • low-profit or low-liquidity companies with the potential of becoming the dominant market player in the respective niche by pursuing a "buy-and-build strategy".

Further Information: Business Development – acquisition opportunities

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