Innovative Products

Innovative Products:
Dual chamber air reservoir poised to launch into serial delivery

The dual chamber air reservoir developed by Frauenthal Automotive brings customers significant savings in terms of space and weight and thus also in terms of overall costs. In-vehicle testing is currently ongoing. The first serial deliveries of this innovative component are planned for the year 2014.


The steel container was developed by Frauenthal Automotive single-handedly. It was launched in 2011. It is currently being tested by a customer – built into a vehicle – and first serial deliveries are expected in 2014. At the same time there are also talks ongoing with additional customers. The new components are manufactured by Elterlein in Germany.


Simple installation & lower costs

The dual chamber air reservoir combines two separate containers in a single component with two chambers. This novel solution needs less space than a truck, thus fulfilling an important customer requirement for the Euro 6 generation. Another positive point for the truck industry is easy installation: Instead of two conventional containers, only one is installed, thereby reducing installation time and costs.


Competitive edge through own development

As the inventor of the dual chamber air reservoir, Frauenthal Automotive has a sustainable competitive edge. The new high-performing component once again demonstrates the market and technology leader's innovative strength and development expertise.

Illustration: In-vehicle double chamber after a test course of 4 million kilometres.