Forged parts from the market leader

Frauenthal Automotive is the European technology and market leader in the development and production of connecting rods and camshafts for the passenger-vehicle and commercial-vehicle industries. 

The company produces forged engine parts for high load-bearing applications such as connecting rods, camshafts and distributor boards at its two German factories, in Plettenberg (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Rosswein (Saxony). Both of these plants have long histories stretching back to the mid-19th century. Our share of the European market is over 30%. The fully automated forges deliver high-volume production and superior quality. This product group also has an in-house tool engineering unit.


Lightweight, strong and precision-made

The production process for forged connecting rods is subject to stringent requirements in terms of precision and stability. Due to an engine’s high torque, the rods are subject to massive levels of tension, compression, and bending and buckling stress. At the same time they need to be durable, with their weight kept to a minimum in order to reduce fuel consumption. Camshafts balance out the inertia force generated by the differing rod positions, which in turn contributes to smooth engine running. Slender forged camshafts, which have a low total weight and a specified imbalance threshold, are also available.


Intensive development work

Weight reductions and falling production costs are hot topics in the automotive industry. The challenge lies in reducing oscillating mass while increasing load-bearing capacity. In this regard, our focus is on using suitable materials and optimised manufacturing techniques which we constantly fine-tune.


Continuous improvement and staff development

Continuous improvement is a leading priority at both plants. Following implementation of Toyota’s kaizen management system, production processes and organisational procedures are analysed in detail and constantly enhanced. Our highly skilled employees, who benefit from a host of training and development measures, are another key success factor.