Our Strategy

Frauenthal Automotive is premium supplier and development partner to the European commercial vehicle and automotive industry, supporting the industry in its global business activities. As technology and market leader, the company produces air tanks, Connecting rods, camshafts, distributor boards and other technology-based chassis components as well as pressed and welded parts.

By simultaneously achieving outstanding customer satisfaction and long-term best-in-class profitability, Frauenthal Automotive ensures continued success for itself and its stakeholders. 


Frauenthal Automotive maintains this position by:

  • Bringing the most innovative products to the market through cross-organizational cooperation including customers and suppliers.
  • Interfacing closely with customers in order to understand and anticipate their expectations and to increase the value for the end user.
  • Creating and developing an industrial structure characterized by cost optimization and flexibility, based on a geographically and technically differentiated plant network.
  • Being a preferred employer thanks to process oriented leadership applying the principles of a learning organization and committing to continuous improvement.