Instilling an understanding for continuous improvement in the minds of employees and managers is an essential aspect of Frauenthal Automotive’s corporate culture. Our intention is clear: we want to

  • enhance customer satisfaction,
  • avoid anything that might be superfluous in the value added chain and 
  • improve the material flow, daily work, quality, timeliness of delivery and cost structure.



Work innovative not harder

Continuous improvement relies on many small steps. Our motto is “nothing is ever so good that it cannot be improved” and we ask ourselves the essential question every day: “What I can do better today than yesterday?” Lean is a mindset for our organisation and not just a mere cost reduction programme. The philosophy is geared towards people and their motivation, towards training and developing skills. We use the knowledge of each and everyone – all employees are experts at their respective workplace and their attitude is what counts: we coach, support and motivate our employees to participate in our improvement process. They rack their brains to improve things by adhering to the guiding principle: “work innovative not harder”.


Everyone is invited to improve their own direct environment

In this regard, the management teams in the individual plants bear a key responsibility. Their task is to ensure implementation and an ongoing process of awareness.

Everyone is invited to identify any “wastes” and/or possibilities to improve in their own environment. The total sum of all these small steps enhances customer satisfaction, but also the employees’ satisfaction at the workplace. Frauenthal Automotive employees enjoy continuous training and participate in workshops in order to identify potential directly at their workplace and implement specific changes in teams. All employees need to have a sound knowledge of continuous improvement and be capable of contributing their ideas with the right methods.